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  • Individual Therapy

    We meet with clients on an individual basis via telehealth or in-person at our Lakeville office. Most clients are looking for ways they can be more content in life and manage mental health symptoms that are impacting their life in a negative way.  The most common struggles adolescents and adults have are anxiety and depression. People also seek out therapy for help in adjusting to different transitions they are experiencing in their lives or assistance in addressing stress they may be experiencing in their relationships. 

    Sessions last between 45-60 minutes and are focused on working toward goals set by the client and/or client’s caregiver in the first session. These goals help formulate a specific treatment plan outlining what will improve in the client’s life.

    Sometimes improvements clients desire include healthier thinking patterns and discovering alternative perspectives. Other goals might include increasing self-compassion and/or incorporating self-care practices.  If relationships are a stressor clients may work on goals for creating healthier boundaries, maintaining self-respect and/or regulating emotions. As part of the therapy process, we share specific practical coping skills that clients can easily incorporate into their daily lives.

    You decide what area of life needs improvement and as experienced professionals we support and empower you to travel along that journey.

    You can check out more details at  Panoramic Perspectives Therapy and Training PA, Marriage & Family Therapist, Lakeville, MN, 55044 | Psychology Today