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  • Supervision

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    Supervisors at Panoramic Perspectives believe that a combination of mentoring, coaching, teaching, and modeling create the best learning experience for new practitioners. Supervisors have a relational teacher/learner type of style that balances the need for being challenging and direct while being validating and encouraging. 

    Practitioners can expect to be guided in learning core competencies for providing therapy within the boundaries of the ethical standards that have been set for the mental health profession. The core competencies include stages of treatment including admission to treatment, clinical assessment and diagnosis, treatment planning, case management, therapeutic interventions as well as ethical and legal issues. New practitioners will be supervised and evaluated based on their conceptual, perceptual, executive, evaluative and professional skills.  

    For consideration for an internship/practicum, please email Sheila at [email protected]



    CBT & DBT Interventions

    August 19, 2023  9am-12pm  Lakeville MN 

    *Counts as 3 hours of group supervision 

    Cost $50 per person

    Join a group of 6-8 pre-licensed mental health practitioners to learn effective interventions for use with clients.  This training comes with a PDF starter template for documenting interventions in progress notes.  This workshop will be conducted by Sheila Anderson, LMFT who is a MN Board Approved Supervisor. 

    Contact Sheila for more information. 

    Rates for Supervision outside of internships

    Individual Supervision $85/hour

    Dyadic Supervision $50/hour per person 

    Group Supervision $30/hour per person (group must be 6 people) 

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